Heavy Vehicle Rules

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Where heavy vehicles can stand or park Heavy vehicles (GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more) or long vehicles (7.5 metres long or longer) must not stop on a length of road outside a built up area, except on the shoulder of the road. In

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Heavy Vehicle Safety Signs

The Road Safety Equipment, is simple to use on any heavy vehicles . Oragnisations like the Australian Trucking Asociation, National Transport Commission, RTA and Truck Industry Council, recognise the value in safety warning signs for use by heavy vehicles during emergencies. As

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Taking a safety lesson from French

Australian Road Safety Ideas Back in 2007 Zone Wise invented the ideal safety solution for Australian Road conditions. The concept is to target heavy vehicles and have them display the 100mm x 2.5 m safety vest strips across the back of the

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A history of outdoor tragedy

Rescuers trekked 400 metres through thick terrain to meet them. Mr Wild said they were foolish to try and sneak into the festival. “We’re idiots, and we know we’re idiots at the moment. We think we AAP General News (Australia)06-19-2000Vic: Father and

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Backpacker Lost

British backpacker found alive after 12 days lost in Australian bush Jul 15 2009 BRITISH backpacker Jamie Neale has been found alive in the Australian bush after his desperate father gave up hope of ever seeing him again. Mr Neale, 19, from Muswell

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Lost in bush

Lost in the Blue Mountains Lost teen tried hard to answer operators Friday, May 1, 2009 An inquest has heard tapes in which David Iredale talks to emergency call operators when lost. Jan 17, 2010 Dehydrated and lost in NSW’s Blue Mountains,

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