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Outdoor Product Use

Hiking Method

Stellar Safety Signs has created and made available a whole range of options for group Outdoor Adventurous Activity, Safety and Emergency use.

The ideas have come from over 40 years experience in Adventurous Activities and knowledge of the risks and safety problems even the most experience participant is confronted with. We have developed a range of lightweight, highly visible non electrical, non mechanical devices suitable for use by anyone going outdoors on an adventure.

The patented, set of 5, ZONE, Group Tracking Markers are for use with the

Hiking Method
Dimensions : 15cm x 6cm ;
Glow in the Dark base material with Reflective direction arrows. Also available in Fluro Orange, Yellow and Blue.

Markers are flat for transport and click into “L” shape for use.

Markers have a large hole in the foot for easy anchoring.

The items you can choose from are:.

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The sheets are laid into an:

“X” – Require Assistance, Medical ; or
“V” – Require Assistance.

The patented ZONE R.A.M. signal sheets consist of two part Reflective sheets for aid in Search and Rescue of participants in outdoor adventurous activities.

Dimensions : 2 x 100mm wide x 2.5 metres, complying with International S & R standards.

One side is HiVis Fluorescent the other side is light Reflective by night.

Both strips fold neatly into the attached bag.

Eyelets at each end allow for easy anchoring.

 The highly visible ZONE safety lanyards, with a night reflective strip,

make an ideal carry means with a carabina and quick release buckle.


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Be seen when it counts.


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