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Keeping safe when going on an adventure.

keeping safe

Being safe on your adventure simply means returning with your stories.

Keeping safe when you are going on an adventure is easier with some precautionary planning, and risk management. Below is a checklist to help you think about the safest way to begin.

Think about what you will need for keeping safe.
Pick a team of at least 5 to share your experiences.
Review their skills and abilities to highlight any issues. Who is first aid qualified?
Understand and assess any risks with your choice of journey.
Take lightweight safety equipment and know how it is used.
Research who else has done the same journey recently. Any issues?
Use current, detailed maps and a compass for each team member and ensure
they know how to use them.
Plan to follow defined tracks and identify exit routes.
What is the weather usually like at the time of year you plan to travel?
What is the weather forecast for the time of your journey and 3 days after?
Determine how far each member of your team can walk in an hour
over the type of terrain you expect to encounter.
Always inform a non participant of your plans and return ETA.

For Checklist of what to pack refer to my other Post.