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Checklist for going on an adventure

Adventure Backpack

Checklist for adventure.

Essential for everyone’s safety is a checklist for going on an adventure. Although most items are common sense, if you and your group are new to adventures, then you might find this checklist useful.

Adventure Checklist for maximum safety
A First Aid Kit fully stocked, suitable for each journey.
Emergency and other safety equipment –
> Personal GPS satellite tracker
> Safety whistle to extend distress calls
> Fire lighting source, matches kept dry or use flint.
> Reflective, hi-vis safety lanyards to stand out day or night
> Reliable source of light with spare batteries.
> A full set of track markers, either fluro or glow in the dark.
> 2 metres of rope, each, at least 15mm diameter
> 2.5 metre x 100 mm Signal sheet for visibility in any terrain if needed for search and rescue
> Some form of shelter suitable for the terrain
> A space blanket for retaining body heat and avoiding hypothermia
A sharp penknife or multitool
Insect repellant, sunscreen and a wide brim hat.
Up to date Map and Compass
Suitable Clothes for the terrain and weather conditions, including sturdy footwear
Wet weather gear, with extra clothes stored in a dry sack
Plenty of high energy food and water, plus an extra days supply for every 48 hours of journey. e.g. For 4 days cater for 6

For further ideas refer to my other Post Keeping safe when going on an adventure.