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Australian Road Safety taking a lesson from the French

Car Truck Accident

Australian Road Safety Ideas.

To be suitable for Australian Road Safety, back in 2007 Zone Wise invented the ideal safety solution for Australian Road conditions. The concept is to target heavy vehicles and have them display the 100mm x 2.5 m safety vest strips across the back of the vehicle when it is broken down or parked on the roadside.
Using this simple, flexible, patented technique with the Zone Wise Traffic Signal Sheets, visibility of vehicle will occur 500m to 1km away.

Signal Cross Signal Sheet 1

Australian road safety new option.

New Safety Vest Regulations
Legal requirements for driving in France
For two years, French motorway authorities have been encouraging the use of yellow vests for drivers leaving their vehicles due to breakdowns or accidents. They handed out 25, 000 free vests in 2006, and published guidelines on how to leave your vehicle safely. Now the vests have become a legal requirement for anyone driving on French roads. Since 1st July 2008, drivers found without safety vests for themselves and their passengers can be fined up to €135.
It’s another thing to think about whilst planning a trip, and adds to the other recent European driving regulations (see Driving in France), but it’s all pretty sensible, really. The only pain is that your vest has to be CE certified. Vests must be kept in the front of the car, so that you can access them easily, before getting out of the vehicle.
These are the official steps to take in case of breakdown on a French motorway;
1. Turn on hazard lights.
2. Put on safety vest.
3. Get out of the vehicle on the passenger side (if in a British car, this will be the driver’s side, but basically NOT the road side of the vehicle).
4. Get behind the safety barrier.
5. Alert the recovery service, either by an ‘SOS’ public phone, or by calling from a mobile.
6. Stay with your vehicle (not in it) until the recovery service arrives.