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Education Aids

Hospitals, Health workers and related customer contact facilities, now have access to a range of  aids to support good social distancing protocols.

Immediately available in Australia this range of Fluorescent and Hi-Vis  Lanyards, handy 3d direction markers with reflective arrows, as well as 2 x 2.5  meter x 100 mm wide 3M,  light reflective fabric bands suitable as a distance barrier showing 1.5 meters  in customer service or assembly areas.  

Quantities available:

Lanyards 2,800

3D  folding Direction Markers 4,500 Yellow, Orange, Blue each and 4,200 Glow in the dark.

Fabric Bands, light reflective, 2 x 2.5 meters 3,900

Reflective arrows are self adhesive and available separately. Blue 9,700, Yellow 19,300,  Red 10,000.