Adventure Backpack

Checklist for going on an adventure

Checklist for adventure. Essential for everyone’s safety is a checklist for going on an adventure. Although most items are common sense, if you and your group are new to adventures, then you might find this checklist useful. Adventure Checklist for maximum safety A First Aid Kit fully stocked, suitable for each journey. Emergency and other safety equipment – > Personal GPS satellite tracker > Safety whistle to extend distress calls > Fire lighting source, matches kept dry or use flint. > Reflective, hi-vis safety lanyards to stand out day or night > Reliable source of light with spare batteries. > A full set of track markers, either fluro or glow… Read More

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keeping safe

Keeping safe when going on an adventure.

Being safe on your adventure simply means returning with your stories. Keeping safe when you are going on an adventure is easier with some precautionary planning, and risk management. Below is a checklist to help you think about the safest way to begin. Think about what you will need for keeping safe. Pick a team of at least 5 to share your experiences. Review their skills and abilities to highlight any issues. Who is first aid qualified? Understand and assess any risks with your choice of journey. Take lightweight safety equipment and know how it is used. Research who else has done the same journey recently. Any issues? Use current,… Read More

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Hikers survived.

Hikers survived on ‘trickle of water’, muesli bars after days lost in Mount Buffalo bushland Hikers survived on ‘trickle of water’, muesli bars after days lost in Mount Buffalo bushland By Carolyn Webb and Simone Fox Koob March 12, 2019 — 11.44am Missing hikers in Victoria’s Alps have been found Missing since Friday, police say Trevor Salvado and Jacinta Bohan have been located safe and well at Mount Buffalo in Victoria’s high country. A couple who survived four nights lost in rugged bush, in often near-freezing conditions, say they survived on “a trickle” of water from a stream and a few muesli bars. Looking remarkably fresh despite their ordeal near… Read More

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A history of outdoor tragedy

Rescuers trekked 400 metres through thick terrain to meet them. Mr Wild said they were foolish to try and sneak into the festival. “We’re idiots, and we know we’re idiots at the moment. We think we AAP General News (Australia) 06-19-2000 Vic: Father and son spend two cold nights lost in bush MELBOURNE, June 19 AAP – A Melbourne father and son who spent two nights lost in near-freezing conditions in dense bushland were found alive today. Relieved relatives cheered when they heard that a helicopter had winched the pair to safety after spotting them in thick scrub in the Yarra Ranges National Park, north-east of Melbourne, about 12.40pm (AEST).… Read More

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Rescue Team

Backpacker Lost

British backpacker found alive after 12 days lost in Australian bush Jul 15 2009 BRITISH backpacker Jamie Neale has been found alive in the Australian bush after his desperate father gave up hope of ever seeing him again. Mr Neale, 19, from Muswell Hill, north London, had not been seen since July 3 when he left his hostel in the town of Katoomba, New South Wales, for a walk in the Blue Mountains. Mr Neale’s father, Richard Cass, who flew to Australia to join the search, was preparing to leave Sydney on a flight today after holding a “little closure ceremony” and lighting a candle in the park to say goodbye.… Read More

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Lost in bush

Lost in the Blue Mountains Lost teen tried hard to answer operators Friday, May 1, 2009 An inquest has heard tapes in which David Iredale talks to emergency call operators when lost. Jan 17, 2010 Dehydrated and lost in NSW’s Blue Mountains, David Iredale tried about 15 times to satisfy emergency operators’ demands for details about his location. The problem was he was deep in the bush and all the operators seemed interested in was a street address and a town. It was one of the factors that let him down after he ran out of water and became separated from two friends during a hike in December 2006, an… Read More

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