Heavy Vehicle Safety Signs

The Road Safety Signs and Equipment, is simple to use on any heavy vehicles . Oragnisations like the Australian Trucking Asociation, National Transport Commission, RTA and Truck Industry Council, recognise the value in safety warning signs for use by heavy vehicles during emergencies. As important as a traffic warning signal, the items available from Zone Wise provide the greatest level of responsible Risk Management. The patented Items are meant to be used as part of road side breakdown assistance and traffic warning devices and ultimately replace other methods. Once in place the items are for all heavy vehicles, the mandatory introduction of such simple but effective methods will aid traffic… Read More

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Car Truck Accident

Australian Road Safety taking a lesson from the French

Australian Road Safety Ideas. To be suitable for Australian Road Safety, back in 2007 Zone Wise invented the ideal safety solution for Australian Road conditions. The concept is to target heavy vehicles and have them display the 100mm x 2.5 m safety vest strips across the back of the vehicle when it is broken down or parked on the roadside. Using this simple, flexible, patented technique with the Zone Wise Traffic Signal Sheets, visibility of vehicle will occur 500m to 1km away. Signal Sheet 1 Australian road safety new option. New Safety Vest Regulations Legal requirements for driving in France For two years, French motorway authorities have been encouraging the… Read More

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Heavy Vehicle Rules

Where heavy vehicles can stand or park Heavy vehicles (GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more) or long vehicles (7.5 metres long or longer) must not stop on a length of road outside a built up area, except on the shoulder of the road. In a built up area they must not stop on a length of road for longer than one hour (buses excepted). For more information on where vehicles can stand or park, refer to the Road Users’ Handbook. A vehicle or a vehicle and trailer with a GVM of more than 12 tonnes, must carry three portable warning trianglesto use if the vehicle breaks down. If a vehicle required to carry… Read More

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